• Canned
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      Conservas Oderich SA is a Brazilian family company that is primarily involved in the production, import and export of food products, mainly canned food, meat and its derivatives. The Company’s product portfolio includes canned meats, vegetables, fruit compotes, sauces, pickles, mayonnaise, tomato products and spices, among others. Conservas Oderich SA offers its products under the brand name Oderich.


    • Olives


      Maçarico is a Portuguese family company that provides an extensive assortment of olives and olive products. Later on, Maçarico has extended the range to other products, such as pickles, lupin beans, hot sauce and mustard condiment.


  • Confectionery
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    • Candy chewing gums

      Candy chewing gums

      Riclan S.A. was founded in 1948 and is based in Rio Claro, Brazil. The company provides bubble gums, cereal bars, chewy candies, cough drops, filled bubble gums, hard candies, jellies, lollipops, and milk caramel products.


    • Pralines and chocolate bars

      Pralines and chocolate bars

      Spanish multinational Natra is today one of the leading companies in Europe specialising on chocolate products for the private label brand and other food companies, as well as on cocoa derivatives.

      Natra’s consumer goods division is responsible for the manufacturing of chocolate tablets, countlines, spreads and Belgian chocolates and specialities, which are commercialised all over the world.


    • Hard candy - Honeycakes - Biscuits

      Hard candy - Honeycakes - Biscuits

      Pionir – Chocolate, Candy and Biscuit Industry is one of the leading producers of confectionary products in South Europe with 99 years of tradition. Pionir d.o.o. Belgrade is a part of Alco Group - a large and successful business system which has developed a production segment, as well as other segments, such as trade, engineering, construction, tourism and hospitality.

  • Meats
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    • Sausages, ham and chicken

      Sausages, ham and chicken

      The LANDHOF GesmbH & Co KG is an Austrian company that specializes in the production of typical Austrian sausage and ham products. Landhof is the specialist when it comes to sausages, barbecue products, sausage, boiled ham, Pate and Cabanossi.


      AIA, Agricola Italiana Alimentare, is an Italian company that belongs to the Veronesi Group, and is one of the largest companies in Europe for the production and sale of poultry products, both whole and ready portioned, as well as a wide range of gourmet specialities.